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Personal Retreat Workshop Sketchnotes

Personal Retreat Workshop Sketchnotes

After finishing my first time through The Focus Course, I realized that I need to improve my ability to rest and recover. I made a goal to figure out personal retreats. There was a great workshop available as part of my Accelerator membership, and as I started watching, I realized that sketchnoting would help me understand and retain what I was learning. Here’s the result.

Sketchnotes from Ugmonk Interview

As part of my membership in the Focus Course Accelerator, I got to join a private conversation today between Shawn Blanc and Jeff Sheldon, founder of Ugmonk. I loved hearing about their approaches to creativity, building what excites you, listening to customers, and treating them as people. Jeff shared some of the thoughts behind his successful Analog productivity approach, which was intriguing…

Ugmonk Interview Sketchnote

Ugmonk Interview Sketchnote

Sketchnotes from How to Plan Your Year

I have long followed Shawn Blanc, and joined a webinar he hosted today. He shared advice and a framework for planning to incorporate values and vision into practical action. I’m looking forward to jumping in to his framework, and enjoyed capturing some sketchnotes.

Sweet Setup Sketchnote

Sweet Setup Sketchnote

Sketchnote Army Podcast Interview

Ben Norris

I was interviewed recently for the Sketchnote Army podcast:

In this episode I talk with Ben Norris, a software developer, sketchnoter, mental health advocate, blacksmith, a loving husband and father of 7.

Ben shares his passion for mental health, and how sketchnoting is a meditative practice he’s used to support his own journey with ideas for you too.

Journey along with us on this thoughtful discussion.

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Sketchnote bios

I am speaking at an upcoming homeschool conference about sketchnotes. I was asked to provide some sketchnote-style illustrations for the bios of the youth team. Each person had a paragraph of their interests, which I tried to incorporate into their image. 😄

Sketchnote bios

Release Notes 2019 Sketchnotes

  • ~1 min read

I had the fantastic opportunity to travel to Mexico and attend Release Notes in 2019 and enjoyed capturing sketchnotes. It was great to spend time with amazing people and form some new deep friendships.

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Fantastic closing inspiration from Akil King at Release Notes on pursuing your dreams.

Akil King Sketchnotes

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